A member of the Communion of Conciliar Catholic Churches® Diocese of California

What is All Saints American Catholic Church? 


All Saints is an Conciliar Catholic™ faith community in that we are not under the jurisdiction of the Pope nor are we subject to the canon law or the guidelines of the Roman Catholic Church. Though we share a common Catholic theology and liturgical tradition, we differ significantly in many of the disciplines and rules that govern the Church.

We share a common theology and liturgical tradition with the other Catholic Churches. Our deacons, priests and bishops participate in the same historic apostolic succession as do the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and other apostolic Churches. We share the same historical developments as Western Christianity.

We trace our modern roots to the emergence of the Old Catholic movement which began in 1870 as a response to the first Vatican Council.

About Us

  • Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7pm

  • Meditation on Saturdays at 9 am

  • Mass on Sundays at 9 am